Bookmarks XIV

I’m really chuffed I participated in the 2016 Bookmark XIV project curated by Sarah Bodman.  Making a hundred bookmarks and receiving a set of bookmarks made by other artists has just been brilliant!! I will do it all over again in a. beat!  

The bookmarks were sent to 10 venues and have been on display since the 23rd September 2016! The venues will display the bookmarks till February 2017!  In Iceland, the bookmarks will be on tour to about 40 locations!

Bookmarks XIV artists

Summer Houses

Queen Caroline’s Temple built by the landscape architect William Kent has inspired four beautiful summer houses. 

An amazing design by the American/German architectural practice Barkow Leibinger 

A breathtaking structure by the Nigerian architect, urbanist and creative researcher Kunle Adeyemi

A brilliant design by British architect Asif Khan

An absolutely gorgeous design by Hungarian-born French architect Yona Friedman

Celebrating illustration…(and Quentin Blake)

The House of Illustration at Granary Square was well worth the visit!!!

The exhibition on show is A New Childhood – picture books from Soviet Russia, and it really is an eye opener. 

It is hard to put stuff into words when you are overwhelmed…all I can say right now is that I want to takes classes in lithography. I am intrigued by this process…(on a need to know basis). Just seeing so many amazing lithographs has got me gagging for more…how are lithographs created? What is stone lithography? Is that the method the illustrators in Soviet Russia used? What is machine lithography?

Oh…and Quentin Blake!!!…what an inspiration!!! I have nothing to say apart from the fact that for anyone who loves illustration, the House of Illustration, 2 Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4BH is a ‘must visit’. 

Even the gift shop is amazeballs…gobsmackingly so!  Vintage illustrated books, Neil Gaiman books, Rudyard Kipling books, a Beatrix Potter book illustrated by Quentin Blake, so many books by brilliant illustrators. 


I am in love with the smell of oils…all of a sudden painting is not such a chore. I basically had no idea how to get myself reinvigorated… Then I just thought why not put another layer of paint over acrylics? So now I know what had put me off this painting (it wasn’t the (sickly) sweet smiles)…it was basically the fact that acrylic dries so fast and I do not want to be rushed off my feet whilst painting…as well as the fact that (really going all out to state facts today😊)…made a blunder when sketching. So I’m going to take my time and work into the painting with oils and voila… I’m happy and really enjoying this now.

Oil paint really has a sting in its tail… because as buttery as it is … (jeez) the smell of turps…it is too much. I definitely have a love hate relationship with oils because I loooove painting with oils but I hate cleaning my brushes….and I need to clean my brushes.