Sometimes I wonder at myself. I’m supposed to be sitting behind my stall. But it’s almost 5pm and I’ve spent most of the day standing on a stool besides by stall (because my phone was running out of juice and needed charging). It is a quiet day but in retrospect I’m not helping matters. But what can I say….can’t help being me! Actually taking selfies now. Seriously how bored can one get?


Quiet day! That’s why I’m blogging!

Bored!!! What a long day. So quiet today. But that aside it’s so sunny. Can’t blame anyone for not shopping today. It’s one of those laze around in the sun days. But I’m glad I’m trading today.,..spent quality time taking photos of journals and uploading onto Etsy. That’s aside from the hours I spent watching movies on my phone. Seriously! You’d think I came to make a living. Ultimate skive, then work, then blog totally ignoring any potential customers. But then again if someone wanted to buy something, me being on my phone tapping way shouldn’t be a hindrance. Cos I never knowingly ignore passing trade or do I? All in all quiet day for me but great for getting work done!