Keeping my hair on (under pressure)

I was feeling pretty low yesterday…wondering how on earth I was going to navigate my workload and keep to deadlines. So to get out of this ‘funk’ I decided to have a ‘wash hair’ day (not the whole day obviously – cos definitely got to get myself to studio, in spite of the lovely rainy day ‘it’s spitting out there’)…sorry…went off on a tangent (my thoughts tend to wander when I’m a ‘teeny-weeny’ bit stressed). Not again!!  Okay the point is – I decided to have a wash hair ‘morning’ and found a glorious strand of shimmering silver in my hair. A most beautiful strand. And I am buzzing!! Workload- that’s a doddle!  I’ve got wealth of experience…age old experience and a shimmer in my hair to prove it!!!  So bring on the workload, the deadline…I’m definitely up to it. I love my hair!

Scared s..tless!

I’m telling myself I’m not in a tizz and I just want to laugh out loud (actually, I want to cry!). deadlines are looming so high and so close…I am petrified. Right now, I am desperately telling myself to stay on track and pace myself …but how?? I can feel the ‘headless chicken’ syndrome creeping up on me!!!!