Keeping my hair on (under pressure)

I was feeling pretty low yesterday…wondering how on earth I was going to navigate my workload and keep to deadlines. So to get out of this ‘funk’ I decided to have a ‘wash hair’ day (not the whole day obviously – cos definitely got to get myself to studio, in spite of the lovely rainy day ‘it’s spitting out there’)…sorry…went off on a tangent (my thoughts tend to wander when I’m a ‘teeny-weeny’ bit stressed). Not again!!  Okay the point is – I decided to have a wash hair ‘morning’ and found a glorious strand of shimmering silver in my hair. A most beautiful strand. And I am buzzing!! Workload- that’s a doddle!  I’ve got wealth of experience…age old experience and a shimmer in my hair to prove it!!!  So bring on the workload, the deadline…I’m definitely up to it. I love my hair!

Author: designwithflair

Spontaneity is the watchword that informs my art practice. My artwork celebrates the energy of abstract expressionism. 'why not?' underlines my creative process. Forget the box! Its's all about whatever shape you want to throw on that dance floor! The process drives my practice!! For me, work well done is work I have thoroughly enjoyed that has made me think, sweat, cry, scream and come back for more!!! Work that gets my back up; pushes me cause for doubt. Makes me push in order for 'why not?' to become possible. Boundaries? What boundaries?

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