Russia and the Arts 

Still buzzing from Russia and the Arts exhibition. Not supposed to take pics …unfortunately some people did. I don’t understand why some people don’t respect gallery rules. They’ve got eyes right…(you’re supposed to see the exhibits not document what you see with phones.  I’m ranting cos I’m pissed! I would have liked to take photos of original paintings of Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy,  Dostoevsky but did I? No…so what’s with all these gallery-rule breaking knobheads?

The exhibition was brilliant. I’m now in love with Ilia Repin, Vasily Perov, Nikolai Ge, Valentin Serov, Josif Braz as well as Nikolai Kuznetsov. The portraits of influential Russian patrons, poets, writers, theatrical figures, composers by their contemporaries (gobsmackingly amazing artists) was truly … (got no words). 

What if I’d broken rules and taken pics   That would be instant gratification but so vulgar. You cannot capture respect for amazing art by taking photos when told not to.  Wow…(flogging a dead horse now…)

I’m delighted at my day so far. 

John Patrick Reynolds 

Met an amazing artist printmaker on Thursday…exhibiting at Craft Central. John Patrick Reynolds. An amazing screenprinter. 

Didn’t take a pic of him (he’s a bit …a lot camera shy). Had this awesome four colour print – the registration was on point! 

Still can’t get over it…you probably can see more of his work at Comic art 

Handmade, limited editions of classic comic characters.  John Patrick is the only screenprinter allowed access to the archives of DC Thomson and Editions Albert Rene. (two top comic publishers)

It was so much fun chatting to John (I did much of the talking – he doesn’t say too much – a go getter not a chatterbox like me 😃)

Love his screenprints.  Think they are pretty nifty.  

Trying to find a release…

This weekend has been a blur.  I have been working so hard that events have just whizzed past me and I cant play catch up just yet …still have so much to do. Trying to keep myself grounded and not break down (which tends to happen when I push myself). Struggling to stay alert at the mo.  This is hard…wanting to chat but too tired to…(this is what happens when I overwork myself…need to chat but cant cos exhausted). 

Essay peeves

One of my pet hates is writing essays…weird considering the fact that I love to ‘chat’…(take that back…chatting is not the same as writing). But then again…it is (at least for me) because I visualise words (I see them in my ‘head’). So essays (shouldn’t rub me the wrong way but they do). And I don’t know why (I think, I don’t know why). But I love blogging, writing copy, poetry but not essays…weird. And I have loads of essays to write!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (I do actually…I want to screeeeeaaaammm!!!!)

Am I coping? I definitely hope so…

This is definitely a coping mechanism and I am done fighting it. Workload, deadlines…this is how I cope…by non stop blogging (defo seems nonstop in light of all that I have yet to do). So if, rather than get to work grappling with priorities, all I do is blog…there must be some method to this ‘madness’. And it had better pan out!

Something has to give…

Maybe I spoke too soon…and its a bit too late to be ‘cured’. My worst fears are ‘upon’ me -deadlines!!! I have one week to do a gazillion things and I just don’t know where to start…so I am doing  what comes most naturally and what has got me in this pickle in the first place -blogging!  I shouldn’t really beat myself up about this- cos maybe blogging…just might help me through the terror I feel right now – the knots in my tummy- maybe, just chatting will help me see the wood from the trees…maybe, I’ll be able to meet these looming deadlines and keep my sanity (and not go all headless chicken on myself)…maybe ‘chatting’ actually helps. And if it doesn’t ‘it had better!!!’ cos my deadlines are not going anywhere and I can’t see my fingers staying away from these keypads either. So something has to give…and it has to be these knots in my tummy!

I’ve been bitten…

I have come to the conclusion that there is a blog bug and I have been bitten. Try as I might, I have not been able to pull myself away from this blog and it is truly getting tiring. Not because I hate blogging (as if), it is just that I’ve got so many other priorities and all I want to do (want to do – sounds like I’ve got a choice) ; all I do is blog!!!!!! It’s either I can’t help myself, I’m bored (can’t be bothered with my looming deadlines) or … there is a blog bug!!  So why of all people has it chosen to bite me now in the midst of all my priorities?  This is so weird…I wear reading glasses, however I don’t need them to blog. My fingers are on automaton and just find the keypads!!  I like this but I seriously need timeout. I mean, I can’t remember ever blogging non stop for two weeks at a stretch!!!!!! Aaaarhhh!! Someone rid me of this bug (or not).