I’ve been bitten…

I have come to the conclusion that there is a blog bug and I have been bitten. Try as I might, I have not been able to pull myself away from this blog and it is truly getting tiring. Not because I hate blogging (as if), it is just that I’ve got so many other priorities and all I want to do (want to do – sounds like I’ve got a choice) ; all I do is blog!!!!!! It’s either I can’t help myself, I’m bored (can’t be bothered with my looming deadlines) or … there is a blog bug!!  So why of all people has it chosen to bite me now in the midst of all my priorities?  This is so weird…I wear reading glasses, however I don’t need them to blog. My fingers are on automaton and just find the keypads!!  I like this but I seriously need timeout. I mean, I can’t remember ever blogging non stop for two weeks at a stretch!!!!!! Aaaarhhh!! Someone rid me of this bug (or not). 

Author: designwithflair

Spontaneity is the watchword that informs my art practice. My artwork celebrates the energy of abstract expressionism. 'why not?' underlines my creative process. Forget the box! Its obsolete...it's all about whatever shape you want to throw on that dance floor! The process drives my practice!! For me, work well done is work I have thoroughly enjoyed making...work that has made me think, sweat, cry, scream and come back for more!!! Work that gets my back up; pushes me...gives me cause for doubt. Makes me push in order for 'why not?' to become possible. Boundaries? What boundaries?

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