I am in love with the smell of oils…all of a sudden painting is not such a chore. I basically had no idea how to get myself reinvigorated… Then I just thought why not put another layer of paint over acrylics? So now I know what had put me off this painting (it wasn’t the (sickly) sweet smiles)…it was basically the fact that acrylic dries so fast and I do not want to be rushed off my feet whilst painting…as well as the fact that (really going all out to state facts today😊)…made a blunder when sketching. So I’m going to take my time and work into the painting with oils and voila… I’m happy and really enjoying this now.

Oil paint really has a sting in its tail… because as buttery as it is … (jeez) the smell of turps…it is too much. I definitely have a love hate relationship with oils because I loooove painting with oils but I hate cleaning my brushes….and I need to clean my brushes.  

Stumped (but ploughing through)

The whole experience of returning to a painting I had abandoned was not as bad as I thought it would be. I kinda got stumped and painting these portraits became a choir…no worse it was like pulling teeth…just did not want to do it…had reached some kind of impasse. 

But going away and giving painting a wide berth kinda renewed my interest in these portraits so I’ll do my best to complete the painting tomorrow…(hopefully)