The African Christmas market

Wow….the vibe here is pretty awesome!!! So many creative people under one roof!!! I have never traded at an African Christmas market….I had no idea what to expect. And the feedback!!!!! And networking….getting links to shops.

I just loooovvvvveeee how creative people can be. This is pure eye candy!!!! I simply adore fashion and jewellery.

Necklace by Pebbles


Pop Up Shop

I really haven’t posted in ‘forever’ but….(that’s beside the point). Delighted to be back…(baby steps). Just got overwhelmed with everything else…my 9 to 5 especially.

Feel like I’ve got my ‘mojo’ back and can finally get on with what feeds my creative energy…


When I feel out of sorts …sketching is the only thing that makes sense.

Last week I lost a loved one….mama (my mum/in-law) who was an absolute gem. Still trying to make sense of life…and all that circle of life s**t that I keep hearing…seemingly to console me doesn’t help much. I know we all die sometime but I miss mama and pointing out the obvious does not diminish my loss.

Sketching her has helped…Itotally get why art Therapy heals.

Rest in peace darling mama.

I’ve been bitten…

I have come to the conclusion that there is a blog bug and I have been bitten. Try as I might, I have not been able to pull myself away from this blog and it is truly getting tiring. Not because I hate blogging (as if), it is just that I’ve got so many other priorities and all I want to do (want to do – sounds like I’ve got a choice) ; all I do is blog!!!!!! It’s either I can’t help myself, I’m bored (can’t be bothered with my looming deadlines) or … there is a blog bug!!  So why of all people has it chosen to bite me now in the midst of all my priorities?  This is so weird…I wear reading glasses, however I don’t need them to blog. My fingers are on automaton and just find the keypads!!  I like this but I seriously need timeout. I mean, I can’t remember ever blogging non stop for two weeks at a stretch!!!!!! Aaaarhhh!! Someone rid me of this bug (or not). 

Keeping my hair on (under pressure)

I was feeling pretty low yesterday…wondering how on earth I was going to navigate my workload and keep to deadlines. So to get out of this ‘funk’ I decided to have a ‘wash hair’ day (not the whole day obviously – cos definitely got to get myself to studio, in spite of the lovely rainy day ‘it’s spitting out there’)…sorry…went off on a tangent (my thoughts tend to wander when I’m a ‘teeny-weeny’ bit stressed). Not again!!  Okay the point is – I decided to have a wash hair ‘morning’ and found a glorious strand of shimmering silver in my hair. A most beautiful strand. And I am buzzing!! Workload- that’s a doddle!  I’ve got wealth of experience…age old experience and a shimmer in my hair to prove it!!!  So bring on the workload, the deadline…I’m definitely up to it. I love my hair!


Sometimes I wonder at myself. I’m supposed to be sitting behind my stall. But it’s almost 5pm and I’ve spent most of the day standing on a stool besides by stall (because my phone was running out of juice and needed charging). It is a quiet day but in retrospect I’m not helping matters. But what can I say….can’t help being me! Actually taking selfies now. Seriously how bored can one get?