Sketching miniatures

I have absolutely fallen in love with sketching miniatures. I never knew sketching miniatures would be so interesting.

Sketch of a Jay
Flats are great for work
Sketching pancakes is so more-ish

Happy place

So…I have found my happy place! It’s sketching in bed….go figure. Not reading in bed….sketching.

I find it soooooo relaxing. I loooove my happy place. Makes me want to stay in bed all day.

So now, my sketchbook is never too far away….it’s actually within reach. First thing in the morning….last thing at night. Curious as to how long this infatuation with my sketchbook will last….

So far….sketching is my meditation. I could eat, sleep, sketch…all day (or maybe not all day)

But I did notice….I found every excuse in the book not to go out yesterday and I completed four sketches…. yay me. Better not turn into a sketching recluse….yet.

Sketch prompt: Liberty

Sketch prompt: rag

Amazing review

I got the best review today!!!

You will change the way books are made

….and it has made my day!

Customer bought this book…

Made all the hard graft, passion worth it. I will hold fast to that affirmation and keep creating.

So grateful for the amazing feedback I have received today at the Portobello Spanish Festival.

The African Christmas market

Wow….the vibe here is pretty awesome!!! So many creative people under one roof!!! I have never traded at an African Christmas market….I had no idea what to expect. And the feedback!!!!! And networking….getting links to shops.

I just loooovvvvveeee how creative people can be. This is pure eye candy!!!! I simply adore fashion and jewellery.

Necklace by Pebbles

Pop Up Shop

I really haven’t posted in ‘forever’ but….(that’s beside the point). Delighted to be back…(baby steps). Just got overwhelmed with everything else…my 9 to 5 especially.

Feel like I’ve got my ‘mojo’ back and can finally get on with what feeds my creative energy…


When I feel out of sorts …sketching is the only thing that makes sense.

Last week I lost a loved one….mama (my mum/in-law) who was an absolute gem. Still trying to make sense of life…and all that circle of life s**t that I keep hearing…seemingly to console me doesn’t help much. I know we all die sometime but I miss mama and pointing out the obvious does not diminish my loss.

Sketching her has helped…Itotally get why art Therapy heals.

Rest in peace darling mama.

I’ve been bitten…

I have come to the conclusion that there is a blog bug and I have been bitten. Try as I might, I have not been able to pull myself away from this blog and it is truly getting tiring. Not because I hate blogging (as if), it is just that I’ve got so many other priorities and all I want to do (want to do – sounds like I’ve got a choice) ; all I do is blog!!!!!! It’s either I can’t help myself, I’m bored (can’t be bothered with my looming deadlines) or … there is a blog bug!!  So why of all people has it chosen to bite me now in the midst of all my priorities?  This is so weird…I wear reading glasses, however I don’t need them to blog. My fingers are on automaton and just find the keypads!!  I like this but I seriously need timeout. I mean, I can’t remember ever blogging non stop for two weeks at a stretch!!!!!! Aaaarhhh!! Someone rid me of this bug (or not). 

Keeping my hair on (under pressure)

I was feeling pretty low yesterday…wondering how on earth I was going to navigate my workload and keep to deadlines. So to get out of this ‘funk’ I decided to have a ‘wash hair’ day (not the whole day obviously – cos definitely got to get myself to studio, in spite of the lovely rainy day ‘it’s spitting out there’)…sorry…went off on a tangent (my thoughts tend to wander when I’m a ‘teeny-weeny’ bit stressed). Not again!!  Okay the point is – I decided to have a wash hair ‘morning’ and found a glorious strand of shimmering silver in my hair. A most beautiful strand. And I am buzzing!! Workload- that’s a doddle!  I’ve got wealth of experience…age old experience and a shimmer in my hair to prove it!!!  So bring on the workload, the deadline…I’m definitely up to it. I love my hair!