Bookmarks XIV

I’m really chuffed I participated in the 2016 Bookmark XIV project curated by Sarah Bodman.  Making a hundred bookmarks and receiving a set of bookmarks made by other artists has just been brilliant!! I will do it all over again in a. beat!  

The bookmarks were sent to 10 venues and have been on display since the 23rd September 2016! The venues will display the bookmarks till February 2017!  In Iceland, the bookmarks will be on tour to about 40 locations!

Bookmarks XIV artists

Bookmark Project XIV

I received my set of bookmarks today!! About 33 artists have participated in the project. There are a wide range of bookmarks…lasercut, stitched, linocut, etched, painted…absolutely gorgeous bookmarks. Really looking forward to when project goes live in September!

I am already looking forward to next Bookmark project …was so much fun participating in this one. 

I’m going to look out for some more projects. Would be fun to make trading cards! Bookmarks rock! Even love the stamped packaging…