When I feel out of sorts …sketching is the only thing that makes sense.

Last week I lost a loved one….mama (my mum/in-law) who was an absolute gem. Still trying to make sense of life…and all that circle of life s**t that I keep hearing…seemingly to console me doesn’t help much. I know we all die sometime but I miss mama and pointing out the obvious does not diminish my loss.

Sketching her has helped…Itotally get why art Therapy heals.

Rest in peace darling mama.

Essay peeves

One of my pet hates is writing essays…weird considering the fact that I love to ‘chat’…(take that back…chatting is not the same as writing). But then again…it is (at least for me) because I visualise words (I see them in my ‘head’). So essays (shouldn’t rub me the wrong way but they do). And I don’t know why (I think, I don’t know why). But I love blogging, writing copy, poetry but not essays…weird. And I have loads of essays to write!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (I do actually…I want to screeeeeaaaammm!!!!)