Made a school boy’ error that caused me to be 4 days overdue in sending a customer order. Did not update my postal preferences for custom orders. Giving myself no breathing space to create a screen printed concertina journal from scratch. (Whilst holding down a full time ‘second job’). It has been gruelling…I have loved it and loathed it at the same time. Loved creating…loathed my ‘second job’ getting in the way of a very tight deadline.

Now I can breathe easy cos just sent the order to Canada. Just hope customer is not too peeved at delay.

Now off to let Etsy know package has been dispatched. Yay me-ish.

Looming deadline…

There are a million and one things I would rather be doing tomorrow morning and going to work is not one of them!!!

I’ve got a deadline looming …I really wish I didn’t need to work as an employee to fund my art practice.

I really wish I could afford an assistant right now. Going to have to find a way to squeeze a week’s worth of graft into two days. Have no idea how I’m going to pull it off but I have to.

Maybe I should call in a sickie.

Something has to give…

Maybe I spoke too soon…and its a bit too late to be ‘cured’. My worst fears are ‘upon’ me -deadlines!!! I have one week to do a gazillion things and I just don’t know where to start…so I am doing  what comes most naturally and what has got me in this pickle in the first place -blogging!  I shouldn’t really beat myself up about this- cos maybe blogging…just might help me through the terror I feel right now – the knots in my tummy- maybe, just chatting will help me see the wood from the trees…maybe, I’ll be able to meet these looming deadlines and keep my sanity (and not go all headless chicken on myself)…maybe ‘chatting’ actually helps. And if it doesn’t ‘it had better!!!’ cos my deadlines are not going anywhere and I can’t see my fingers staying away from these keypads either. So something has to give…and it has to be these knots in my tummy!