Russia and the Arts 

Still buzzing from Russia and the Arts exhibition. Not supposed to take pics …unfortunately some people did. I don’t understand why some people don’t respect gallery rules. They’ve got eyes right…(you’re supposed to see the exhibits not document what you see with phones.  I’m ranting cos I’m pissed! I would have liked to take photos of original paintings of Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy,  Dostoevsky but did I? No…so what’s with all these gallery-rule breaking knobheads?

The exhibition was brilliant. I’m now in love with Ilia Repin, Vasily Perov, Nikolai Ge, Valentin Serov, Josif Braz as well as Nikolai Kuznetsov. The portraits of influential Russian patrons, poets, writers, theatrical figures, composers by their contemporaries (gobsmackingly amazing artists) was truly … (got no words). 

What if I’d broken rules and taken pics   That would be instant gratification but so vulgar. You cannot capture respect for amazing art by taking photos when told not to.  Wow…(flogging a dead horse now…)

I’m delighted at my day so far.